Friday, February 22, 2008

Quilt Designs and Geometric Patterns

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Well, I'm finally back after a break of several weeks. I had the flu and was just too tired to think about blogs.

Lately there's been a renewed interest from other people in the quilt designs I used to do. I used to make part of my living making quilts that were framed to hang on the wall made from cut pieces of wallpaper, giftwrap and other colorful paper products. I gave up the business when the repetition of doing the popular designs over and over started to feel like factory work. This was before Imagekind and Cafepress. If these services were available then who knows what would have happened.

By the end of my "paper quilt" career I started to design my art pieces on the computer but those designs never saw the light of day. Finally, years later, I put them on Cafepress and I have new fans of my work! Quilt-makers and quilt-lovers enjoy them, of course, but it seems that math and technology-oriented people appreciate them as well. Nice, huh?

Buy a matted and framed print from Imagekind by clicking one of the links below:

These images are also available on greeting cards, mugs, T-shirts and a variety of other fine gifts at the Quilts and Geometric Patterns section of my Cafepress shop. Here are samples of what's available:


Nicki Leigh said...

I have to say, out of the quilt patterns, I really like the pink one the most! However, the blue clock one is also very nice ;)

*hint* go into your gadgets and add the new one for people to follow your blog *hint* much easier than needing to type it in manually on the dashboard ;)

sallie said...

Dear Sheryl,

I absolutely love your quilt design and was curious is the pattern for sale? I have been searching for a geometric pattern to make a quilt for my 24 yr. old son.

Your speedy reply would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Sallie Mack
Homeopath/Midwife in Vermont

Melita Clemons said...

I also would love to have a quilt pattern for the blue one. I can usually figure it out on my own just by looking at the picture, but this could be quite a challenge! can you post a link to where i can buy it?

Sheryl Karas said...

Thanks for all the compliments. The quilt patterns are all my own design and I don't have them available for sale.

Anonymous said...

These are amazing!! Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing.