Thursday, January 24, 2008


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This painting in acrylic of Cymbidium Orchids hangs in the spiritual counseling and healing office I share with my partner Paul Hood. That's what we do with part of our lives. In the other parts we write books and blogs, make perfume, and do LOTS of art. I have other blogs and websites where I share personal stories about all of that. In this blog I share my art and help you find it for sale.

I put Cymbidiums up first because it is my current favorite. It's bright and cheerful and reminds me somewhat of Hawaii. And it's very representative of the graphic arts influence in my art and in my heart.

You see, I offer my artwork for sale to hang on the wall like most artists do but I really feel that art that brightens a person's life on everyday objects like a coffee mug, a throw pillow or a jewelry box—functional (commercial) art—is just as valuable. In fact, I think the line between "fine" and "commercial" is simply a matter of context and belief. If you believe Matisse, if he was alive today, would be ashamed to see his work sold on a coffee mug you're quite mistaken.

Art is art. If it warms your soul, take it home, love that it matches your couch(!) and enjoy having it in your life.

I don't currently make original paintings for sale. But I do sell archival quality framed and unframed prints as well as prints on canvas. You can buy Cymbidiums through Imagekind by clicking the following link:

Also, as I said before, I LIKE the idea of people enjoying my artwork on a coffee mug, a pillow, a greeting card or a refrigerator magnet. Click on the photo to go directly to the page where it's for sale or visit the Cymbidiums section of my Cafepress site to see my whole line of Cymbidium products and gifts:

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